Pete Murray

Pete Murray is leaving his northern NSW hinterland retreat and moving his young family to Holland.

The 38-year-old singer said his move was an escape from perceptions he had become "uncool" because of his commercial success and a way to capitalise on his growing popularity in Europe.

Success in the huge Europe market could lead to a big payday for Murray.

"I worked very hard to be successful, but in Australia, when you do succeed, everyone that's too cool suddenly thinks you're too commercial," he said.

"Once you make that crossover to commercial radio the underground tends to move away from you. You're just not cool any more."

Murray has a growing fan base in Holland, where he is considered an underground act.

Well, no shit sherlock. What the fuck were you expecting? Perhaps if the "music" you made wasn't processed to the point of it being the aural equivalent of seafood extender, your precious underground might still get a kick out of you.

And here's a news flash for you: You have never been cool. You've always been a whiny fucking mong with a voice that sounds like you're trying to sing out of your arse, which is somewhat appropriate given that that's apparently where all your "music" comes from.

So go on. Fuck off. I hope you enjoy your new life of tiptoeing through endless fields of weakness, like the Dutch queerbait retard that you clearly are.


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