Dr Phil's Gaming Behaviour Audit

Ever wanted to know if you we're addicted to video games but never knew how to find out? Don't worry!!! Dr Phil is here to save the day. Here are a few sample questions from Dr Phil's Gaming Behaviour Audit...

1. Have you lied to your friends or family to conceal your obsessive thinking about gaming?
2. Do you get restless and irritable when you are away from gaming or feel that you are restricted from your next gaming event?
3. Have you attempted to stop or cut back your gaming behavior, but failed because of the anxiety, depression or general stress you experience?
4. Do you feel you need to play online games because it gives you the self-esteem and confidence other activities don’t?
5. Have you lost or damaged job opportunities because of your obsessive gaming behavior?

Wow those are some really thought provoking questions. If you have answered “yes” or even “sometimes” to any of these questions, it is highly likely you are the gaming worlds equivalent of a hez fiend.

Hey Dr Phil, I've got an audit for you! It's called the "am I a big bald fuck" audit.

Question 1: Are you a big bald fuck?

If you answered "yes" or even "sometimes" to that question then it is highly likely that you are a big bald fuck. It is recommended that you seek help for this issue so that you can develop a healthy balance of mental health to your life.



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