This Brazillian Priest

A Catholic priest who floated away under hundreds of helium balloons in a bid to raise money for his parish is missing off Brazil.

Only pieces of the party balloons have been found by searchers looking for Reverend Adelir Antonio de Carli off the coast of Santa Catarina state, the Associated Press reported.

Now I'm not a fancy big city scientist, but I know that the general concept of helium is that it's lighter than air. And when you fill something with helium, such as a balloon, it's going start to rising.

Now I'd be inclined to think that if the amount of helium you were strapping yourself to VASTLY outweighed your own body weight, bad things are going to happen. Particularly if you have no means of controlling the direction you float.

One for the Darwin Awards.

Fucking Catholics. Where's your God now?


Post script: I just heard that the last radio communication they got from him was him asking how to use his GPS.


I really don't think you'll ever see a fail of more epic proportions than this.

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