Lance Armstrong

The only reason you're doing as well as you are is because

a) You're riding the coattails of everyone else.

and b) You've got a FUCK OFF good team who are ensuring Le Tour follows the organisers script.

And yes, I just said script. Because the Tour de France is quite obviously rigged.

If it wasn't rigged, you'd be fucking failing over all the place, and no one (not even your average useless French dicklicker) wants to see a one nutted retard finish 164th.

Go home, Grandpa.



Anonymous said...

yeah, fuck faggots... right? bc dicklicking is the second worst thing in the world - the first being genocide. welcome to 2009 assholes.

Tyse said...

It must be chilly way the fuck up there on your high horse.

Grow up, you PC piece of shit. Nobody likes that guy.