Tex Perkins & his Lady Boyz

Tex Perkins and the wat?

If you come to Launceston and play at the casino (which believe me is not as glamorous as it sounds) it means one of two things...

Either you're the Deltones or you suck. So which is it Tex?

Seriously just take your "Lady Boyz" to crawl back to the cave of insignificance you came from.



Anonymous said...

What's really awesome is that you're so convinced that you're made of WIN that you cannot notice your INHERENT EPIC FAIL.

Learn to write, fucktrumpet.

KidBalance said...

You know what else is awesome? You felt it necessary to take the time to read though the month's worth of posts above this one just to leave a comment which is pretty much the equivalent of "ur blog sux lolz!!1!one!".

If you hadn't already noticed most of the posts on this blog are piss takes and are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. If one of my posts offends you then I'm sorry, but seriously just get over it or take your trolling elsewhere. Head over to the World of Warcraft forums, you'll fit right in.